Who is wellness coaching designed for?


I work with individuals who want to enhance their feelings of wellness in their lives. If you are interested in taking a 360 degree view of wellbeing, in understanding how starting a Mindfulness practice can help you, in learning how to take care of your brain and your mind, in increasing your resilience to the difficulties that come with life, and in learning to accept yourself while still working towards goals, then this approach is for you. I can also help if you need a boost forward to move beyond old patterns that hold you back, if you drive yourself too hard, if you find yourself in the midst of transition, or simply want to restore a sense of well-being in your life.  Wellness coaching is for anyone who wants to create or maintain a healthy lifestyle and implement practices that can encourage and wellness throughout life.





Who is professional and executive coaching designed for?

Professional and executive coaching is ideal for you if you are seeking: 

  • to understand how you can continue to excel in your career, and want to move past any fears or behaviours that may be holding you back

  • to learn how to manage your time more efficiently

  • to learn how to prevent and manage interpersonal conflicts more effectively

  • to manage stress so that you can live your life with more ease and joy

  • to learn how to be more assertive in situations that feel intimidating

  • to create a better work/life balance


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